Construction Polish or Galvanized Steel Wood Common Nail for Wood

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Common Nail

 Polished common wire iron nails for wood for building construction nails

Material: Carbon steel ASTM A 123, Q195,Q235

Head Type: Flathead and sunken head.

Diameter: 8, 9, 10, 12, 13 gauge.

Length: 1″, 2″, 2-1/2″, 3″, 3-1/4″, 3-1/2″, 4″, 6″.

Surface treatment: electro-galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized, PVC coated.

Shank Type: Thread shank and smooth shank.

Nail point: Diamond point.

Standard: ASTM F1667, ASTM A153.

Galvanized layer: 3–5 µm.

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common nails for wood building construction

Sinsun Fastener can Produce and spply :

A polished common iron wire nail is a type of nail that is made from iron wire and has a polished finish. 
The polishing process enhances the appearance of the nail, making it smoother and more aesthetically appealing. 
These nails are commonly used in construction, woodworking, and other applications where a strong and durable nail is needed. 
The polished surface also helps to prevent corrosion and rusting, ensuring that the nail remains in good condition over time.
1. Nail has the advantages of simple processing and convenient use.
2. The head plane is large and the nail is easy to pull out.
3. Fastening fast.
4. Professional production, experienced, and product quality is very good.
5. We can produce different materials and specifications according to different uses.
Common nail is the most commonly used type of steel nail. The nail has a thicker and larger shank
than that of the box nails. In addition, common steel nail is also shown as a wide head, a smooth
shank and a diamond-shaped point. Workers like to use common nail for framing, carpentry, wood
structural panel shear walls and other general indoor construction projects. These nail range from
1 to 6 inches in length and 2d to 60d in size. 

  Common round wire steel iron nails


       Polished Wire Iron Nail

          Q195 low carbon steel wire common nail

Q195 low carbon steel wire common nail

Q195 low carbon steel wire common nails are nails that are made from Q195 low carbon steel wire. Q195 is a Chinese standard for low carbon steel, which means it has a very low carbon content. This type of steel is commonly used for making nails due to its strength and durability.Common nails, also known as smooth shank nails, have a cylindrical shape with a flat head and a sharp point. They are versatile and widely used for various woodworking, construction, and general purpose applications.Q195 low carbon steel wire common nails are typically coated with a layer of galvanized zinc or other anti-corrosion coating to protect them from rusting and corrosion. This helps to ensure their longevity and performance.Overall, Q195 low carbon steel wire common nails are a cost-effective and reliable fastening option suitable for a wide range of applications.

Size For Construction Common Nails

3inch galvanized polished common wire nails size

Common Iron Nails 2 Inch Application

  • Common round nail iron, also known as wire nails or round wire nails, are commonly used for various purposes in woodworking, construction, and general DIY projects. Here are some common uses for round nail iron:Framing and Carpentry: Round nail iron is widely used for framing, carpentry, and general woodworking tasks. They are used to join wood pieces together, such as framing walls, building trusses, constructing furniture, or installing flooring.Fastening Plywood and OSB: Round nail iron is suitable for securing plywood sheets or oriented strand board (OSB) panels to wooden frames or subfloors. They offer a strong grip and hold the sheets in place securely.Installing Baseboards and Trim: Round nail iron is often used for installing baseboards, crown molding, window trim, and other decorative trims. Their thin shank and sharp point make them ideal for attaching trim pieces without splitting the wood.Attaching Drywall: Lighter gauge round nail iron is commonly used for attaching standard drywall sheets to wooden or metal studs. They securely hold the drywall in place and are designed to minimize damage to the wall material.Temporary Fixing: Round nail iron can also be used for temporary fixing or temporary construction work where the nails may need to be easily removed or replaced later.It's worth noting that the specific size and length of the round nail iron may vary depending on the application and the thickness of the materials being fastened. It's always important to choose the right size and type of nail for your specific project to ensure proper fastening and durability.
Package of common round wire steel iron nails
1.25kg/strong bag: woven bag or gunny bag
2.25kg/paper carton, 40 cartons/pallet
3.15kg/bucket, 48buckets/pallet
4.5kg/box, 4boxes/ctn, 50 cartons/pallet
5.7lbs/paper box, 8boxes/ctn, 40cartons/pallet
6.3kg/paper box, 8boxes/ctn, 40cartons/pallet
7.1kg/paper box, 25boxes/ctn, 40cartons/pallet
8.500g/paper box, 50boxes/ctn, 40cartons/pallet
9.1kg/bag, 25bags/ctn, 40cartons/pallet
10.500g/bag, 50bags/ctn, 40cartons/pallet
11.100pcs/bag, 25bags/ctn, 48cartons/pallet
12. Other customized

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