Philips Head Drywall Gypsum Screw

Short Description:

Gypsum Screw

  • Name: Gypsum Screw
  • Material: C1022 Carbon Steel
  • Finish: Black phosphate
  • Head Type: Bugle head
  • Thread Type: Fine Thread
  • Certification: CE
  • M3.5/M3.9/M4.2 /M4.8


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    Product Detail

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    Drywall screws with black phosphate coating

    Product Description OF Gypsum Screw

    Gypsum Screw , also called drywall screws, are specifically designed to fasten drywall (also called drywall or drywall) to wood or metal studs. These screws feature tapered sharp points for easy insertion and thick threads to securely grip drywall. Here are some of the main features and uses of plaster screws:

    Size: Gypsum Black Screws typically come in a variety of lengths, from about 1 inch to 3 inches, depending on the thickness of the drywall and the depth of the stud.

    Coating: Many Black Polished Gypsum Screw have special coatings, such as black phosphate or yellow zinc, to increase corrosion resistance and durability.

    Thread Type: The coarse threads of drywall screws are designed to penetrate quickly and grip drywall securely, ensuring a tight fit. Head Type: Plaster screws typically have a flared or countersunk head, which allows for easy countersunk head and minimizes the chance of the head damaging the surface of the drywall.

    When using plaster screws, proper installation guidelines must be followed: Pre-drilling holes: In some cases, pre-drilling holes may be necessary to prevent the drywall from cracking when installing screws near edges or corners. Spacing: Screw spacing can vary, but it is generally recommended to place screws every 8 to 12 inches along edges and 16 to 24 inches in drywall areas.

    Depth: Gypsum Drywall Screws should be flush with the surface of the board without damaging the paper layer or causing the screw heads to protrude. Be sure to check the manufacturer's recommendations and local building codes for specific guidelines on fastening drywall. It is also important to use the correct tools, such as a screw gun or drill, to ensure an accurate and efficient installation. When working with plaster screws or any construction material, remember to wear appropriate safety gear, such as safety glasses and gloves.

    Sizes of Gypsum Board Self Tap

    Size(mm)   Size(inch)   Size(mm)   Size(inch)   Size(mm)   Size(inch)   Size(mm)  Size(inch)   
    3.5*13 #6*1/2 3.5*65 #6*2-1/2 4.2*13 #8*1/2  4.2*100 #8*4
    3.5*16 #6*5/8 3.5*75 #6*3 4.2*16 #8*5/8 4.8*50 #10*2
    3.5*19 #6*3/4 3.9*20 #7*3/4 4.2*19 #8*3/4 4.8*65  #10*2-1/2
    3.5*25 #6*1 3.9*25 #7*1 4.2*25 #8*1 4.8*70 #10*2-3/4
    3.5*30 #6*1-1/8 3.9*30 #7*1-1/8 4.2*32 #8*1-1/4 4.8*75 #10*3
    3.5*32 #6*1-1/4 3.9*32 #7*1-1/4 4.2*35 #8*1-1/2 4.8*90  #10*3-1/2
    3.5*35 #6*1-3/8 3.9*35 #7*1-1/2 4.2*38 #8*1-5/8 4.8*100 #10*4
    3.5*38 #6*1-1/2 3.9*38 #7*1-5/8 #8*1-3/4 #8*1-5/8 4.8*115 #10*4-1/2
    3.5*41 #6*1-5/8 3.9*40 #7*1-3/4 4.2*51 #8*2 4.8*120 #10*4-3/4
    3.5*45 #6*1-3/4 3.9*45 #7*1-7/8 4.2*65 #8*2-1/2 4.8*125 #10*5
    3.5*51 #6*2 3.9*51 #7*2 4.2*70 #8*2-3/4 4.8*127 #10*5-1/8
    3.5*55 #6*2-1/8 3.9*55 #7*2-1/8 4.2*75 #8*3 4.8*150 #10*6
    3.5*57 #6*2-1/4 3.9*65 #7*2-1/2 4.2*90 #8*3-1/2 4.8*152 #10*6-1/8

    Product Show of Gypsum Drywall Screws

    Black gypsum board screws 1022A

    Gypsum Black Screws

    Gypsum Screw

    Black Gypsum Screw

    gypsum board screw drywall 

    Gypsum Screw

    The C1022A Black phosphated gypsum board drywall screw is specifically designed for use in gypsum board or drywall installations. Below are some of its key features:

    1. Material: The screw is made from C1022A carbon steel, which provides excellent strength and durability.
    2. Phosphate Coating: The screw is coated with a black phosphate finish. This coating not only enhances the screw's corrosion resistance but also provides a sleek black appearance.
    3. Sharp Point: The screw features a sharp, self-drilling point. This enables easy and efficient installation without the need for pre-drilling.
    4. Thread Design: The screw has a coarse thread design, which helps to securely attach the drywall to the wall studs or other surfaces.
    5. Bugle Head: It has a bugle head design, which creates a smooth, flush finish when driven into the drywall. This helps to minimize the appearance of screw heads and allows for easy concealment with joint compound or spackle.
    6. Phillips Drive: The screw has a Phillips drive head, which allows for easy and efficient installation using a compatible screwdriver or drill.
    drywall screw feature

    Product Video of Gypsum Screw


    Gypsum screws, also known as drywall screws, are primarily used for fastening gypsum boards, also known as drywall or plasterboard, to wooden or metal studs in construction and home improvement projects. Here are the common uses of gypsum screws:Installing Gypsum Boards: Gypsum screws are specifically designed for attaching gypsum boards to studs, creating a stable and secure wall or ceiling surface. They provide a strong hold that keeps the gypsum board securely in place.Repairing Damaged Drywall: When repairing damaged drywall, gypsum screws are used to secure new pieces of gypsum board to the existing wall. The screws ensure that the new drywall is tightly secured to provide a seamless repair.Mounting Fixtures and Accessories: Gypsum screws can also be used to attach fixtures and accessories to drywall. For example, they can be used to mount shelves, mirrors, curtain rods, and other lightweight fixtures. However, it's important to consider the weight capacity and use appropriate anchors or supports for heavier items.Creating Stud Walls and Partitions: Gypsum screws are used to construct stud walls and partitions, as they provide reliable attachment points between the studs and the gypsum boards. This is a common technique used in interior framing for dividing spaces or creating room layouts.Soundproofing and Insulation: Gypsum screws can be used to attach soundproofing and insulation materials to the drywall, helping to improve acoustic properties and thermal insulation. The screws secure these materials to the wall, preventing them from shifting or falling.It's important to choose the appropriate size and type of gypsum screws based on the thickness of the gypsum board and the type of substrate (wood or metal studs). Additionally, following proper installation guidelines, such as proper screw spacing and pre-drilling when necessary, is essential to ensure the stability and longevity of the gypsum board installation.

    Gypsum Drywall Screws

    Gypsum board screws with black phosphate finish

    1. 20/25kg per Bag  with customer’s logo or neutral package;

    2. 20/25kg per Carton(Brown /White /Color) with customer’s logo ;

    3. Normal Packing :1000/500/250/100PCS per Small box with big carton with pallet or without pallet;

    4. we make all pacakge as customers'  request

    ine Thread Drywall Screw package

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