Winged Plastic Expansion Drywall Anchor

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Winged Plastic Anchors

Item Type: Drywall Anchor kit
Material: Plastic, Metal
Color: Grey, White
Types: A(Grey Butterfly Shape Anchor), B(White Aircraft Shape Anchor)
Quantity: 50pcs Plastic Anchor + 50pcs Screws(total 100pcs)
A(Grey Butterfly Shape Anchor): 36 x 20 x 15mm, Cap Outer Diameter: About 13mm, Opening Hole: About 8-10mm, Suitable Board Thickness: About 8-15mm
B(White Aircraft Shape Anchor): 30 x 20.5mm, Cap Outer Diameter: About 50mm, Opening Hole: About 8-9mm, Suitable Board Thickness: About 8-15mm

Package Includes: 
1Set x Drywall Anchors( 50pcs anchor + 50pcs screws)

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Product Description of Winged Plastic Anchors

Winged plastic anchors are commonly used in construction and DIY projects to secure objects to walls, ceilings, or other surfaces. They are known for their ease of use and ability to hold heavy loads.These anchors are made of plastic and have "wings" or arms that open up behind the wall once the screw is inserted. The wings provide extra support and prevent the anchor from pulling out of the wall.To use winged plastic anchors, you will need to drill a hole in the wall using a drill bit with a diameter slightly smaller than the anchor. Once the hole is drilled, the plastic anchor is inserted into the hole and tapped gently with a hammer until it is flush with the wall. Then, a screw is driven into the anchor to secure it in place.Winged plastic anchors are suitable for use in various materials, including drywall, concrete, and brick. They are commonly used for hanging fixtures like shelves, mirrors, pictures, and light fixtures.It's important to note that the weight capacity of winged plastic anchors may vary depending on the size and quality of the anchor. It's always best to check the manufacturer's recommendations and choose the appropriate size and weight capacity for your specific application.Overall, winged plastic anchors are a reliable and convenient option for securely fastening objects to walls or other surfaces.

Product Show of Nylon Plastic Toggle Anchors Winged Butterfly

Product Size of Expansion Tube Plastic Anchors

Extension Tube Plastic Anchor

Product Use of Expansion Tube Plastic Anchors

Winged plastic expansion drywall anchors are specifically designed for use in drywall applications. They provide a secure and stable anchor point within the drywall, allowing you to hang objects or fixtures securely without the risk of them falling or pulling out.Here are some common uses for winged plastic expansion drywall anchors:Hanging shelves: Winged anchors are ideal for mounting shelves on drywall. They provide a strong anchor point that can support the weight of the shelving and its contents.Installing wall-mounted TVs: When mounting a TV on a drywall surface, winged plastic anchors can be used to provide extra support and stability.Hanging pictures and mirrors: Winged drywall anchors are suitable for securely mounting pictures, mirrors, and other wall decorations. They prevent the objects from falling off or shifting.Installing curtain rods: Winged plastic anchors can be used to securely mount curtain rods on drywall, ensuring that the rods remain in place even when the curtains are pulled.Hanging light fixtures: Whether it's a ceiling light or a wall sconce, winged plastic drywall anchors can provide a stable anchor point for securely hanging light fixtures.When using winged plastic expansion drywall anchors, it's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper installation. These anchors typically require drilling a hole in the drywall, inserting the anchor, and then tightening a screw to expand the anchor wings behind the wall surface. This creates a secure anchor point for hanging objects.Additionally, it's essential to consider the weight capacity of the anchors and select the appropriate size and strength for your specific application. Always check the manufacturer's recommendations for weight limits and use additional anchors or support brackets if necessary for heavier items.Remember to exercise caution and use proper safety equipment when installing anchors in drywall or any other surface material.

Gypsum Board Wall Plug use for

Product Video of Plastic Wall Anchor Butterfly for Gypsum Board


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Q: What is your payment term?

A: Generally, 30% T/T in advance ,balance before shippment or against B/L copy.

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