Yellow Zinc Plated Fine Thread Drywall Screw

Short Description:

Screw Screws Fine Thread Drywall Screws Sharp Piercing Point For Plasterboard

  • Yellow Zinc Plated Drywall Screw Wood Screw Bugle Head
  • Material: C1022 Carbon Steel
  • Finish:  Yellow zinc plated
  • Head Type: Bugle head
  • Thread Type:  Coarse Thread
  • Certification: CE


  • Use for most woodworking jobs and materials of woods,need pre-drilled hole for hard wood to avoid split.
  • 【Strong & Durable】: These self tapping screws are made of carbon steel with the surface nickel plated. Durable material and fine process ensure a long service life.
  • Don’t easily slip, provides good holding power in different woods and man-made materials.
  • Wood screws neatly ,Conveniently Portable, handy reusable.
  • 【Easy to Use】: The cross flat head screws are easy to penetrate and tighten with sharp points. Ideal for attaching metal sheets, plastics, wood and other brittle materials.


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    Carbon Steel Hardened Bugle Head Nickel Plated Drywall Screw

    Product Description of Yellow-Zinc Tornillo Drywall Screw Wood Screw

    Yellow Zinc Plated Drywall Screws Gypsum Screws Carton Steel C1022A

    Material            Carbon steel 1022 hardened                  
    Surface Yellow Zinc Plated
    Thread Fine thread
    Point sharp point
    Head type Bugle Head

    Sizes of  Yellow Zinc Plating Self Tapping Screws

    Size(mm)   Size(inch)   Size(mm)   Size(inch)   Size(mm)   Size(inch)   Size(mm)  Size(inch)   
    3.5*13 #6*1/2 3.5*65 #6*2-1/2 4.2*13 #8*1/2  4.2*100 #8*4
    3.5*16 #6*5/8 3.5*75 #6*3 4.2*16 #8*5/8 4.8*50 #10*2
    3.5*19 #6*3/4 3.9*20 #7*3/4 4.2*19 #8*3/4 4.8*65  #10*2-1/2
    3.5*25 #6*1 3.9*25 #7*1 4.2*25 #8*1 4.8*70 #10*2-3/4
    3.5*30 #6*1-1/8 3.9*30 #7*1-1/8 4.2*32 #8*1-1/4 4.8*75 #10*3
    3.5*32 #6*1-1/4 3.9*32 #7*1-1/4 4.2*35 #8*1-1/2 4.8*90  #10*3-1/2
    3.5*35 #6*1-3/8 3.9*35 #7*1-1/2 4.2*38 #8*1-5/8 4.8*100 #10*4
    3.5*38 #6*1-1/2 3.9*38 #7*1-5/8 #8*1-3/4 #8*1-5/8 4.8*115 #10*4-1/2
    3.5*41 #6*1-5/8 3.9*40 #7*1-3/4 4.2*51 #8*2 4.8*120 #10*4-3/4
    3.5*45 #6*1-3/4 3.9*45 #7*1-7/8 4.2*65 #8*2-1/2 4.8*125 #10*5
    3.5*51 #6*2 3.9*51 #7*2 4.2*70 #8*2-3/4 4.8*127 #10*5-1/8
    3.5*55 #6*2-1/8 3.9*55 #7*2-1/8 4.2*75 #8*3 4.8*150 #10*6
    3.5*57 #6*2-1/4 3.9*65 #7*2-1/2 4.2*90 #8*3-1/2 4.8*152 #10*6-1/8

    Product Show of Phillips Drive Bugle Head fine Thread Yellow Galvanized Drywall Screw

    Drywall Screws Sharp Point yellow Zinc Plated With Bugle Head

    Bugle Hd Fine Thread Needle Point Screws Yellow zinc

    Yellow Zinc Plated Bulk/Box Package Wood Screw Single Thread Drywall Screw

    Yellow galvanised steel Drywall screw


    Yellow zinc plated fine thread drywall screws are similar to black phosphate coarse thread screws but with a different coating and thread type. Yellow zinc plating provides additional corrosion resistance and a bright yellow appearance to the screws. Fine thread screws have a higher thread count per inch, allowing for a tighter grip and smoother installation.These screws are also specifically designed for attaching drywall to wood or metal studs. The combination of yellow zinc plating and fine threading makes them suitable for applications where aesthetic appeal and durability are desired, such as in residential or commercial construction projects.


    Yellow zinc plated fine thread drywall screws are primarily designed for specific applications that may require a more precise and secure fastening

    Fine Thread Board Drywall Gypsum Screw
    Phillips Bugle Head White Zinc Plated drywall screw
    • Yellow zinc plated fine thread drywall screws are suitable for attaching lightweight drywall panels to wooden or metal studs. The fine thread design allows for a tighter hold and minimizes the risk of stripping or damaging the panels.

    Yellow zinc plated fine thread drywall screws can also be used in metal framing systems, such as steel studs or tracks. Their fine thread design helps to penetrate the metal more effectively, providing a stable and durable connection.

    Head Wood Screws for Wooden Construction Stainless Steel Screw

    Packaging Details of Fine Thread Phillips Bugle Head Drywall Screws  Yellow Zinc Plated Drywall Screw

    1. 20/25kg per Bag  with customer’s logo or neutral package;

    2. 20/25kg per Carton(Brown /White /Color) with customer’s logo ;

    3. Normal Packing :1000/500/250/100PCS per Small box with big carton with pallet or without pallet;

    4. we make all pacakge as customers'  request

    ine Thread Drywall Screw package


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