18GA 90 Series Medium Wire Staples

Short Description:

90 Series Medium Wire Staples

 Name 90 Series Staples
 Guage 18Ga
 Crown 5.70mm
 Width 1.25mm 
Thickness  1.05mm
Length  10mm-50mm 
Customized Customized is available if you provide a drawing or sample
Samples Samples are free
OEM Service OEM Service is available

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90 Series  Staple

Product Description of The 18 gauge 1/4" narrow crown staples

The 18 gauge 1/4" narrow crown staples are commonly used in a variety of pneumatic and electric staplers for tasks such as cabinetry, furniture assembly, trim work, and other similar woodworking applications. These staples are designed to provide a secure and inconspicuous fastening solution due to their narrow crown design. It's important to check the compatibility of these staples with your specific stapler model, as different manufacturers may have different requirements

Size Chart of 90 Series Medium Wire Staples

Item Our Spec. Length Pcs/Strip Package
mm inch Pcs/Box
90/12 90   (E)   1.17 12mm 1/2" 100Pcs 5000Pcs
90/14 GAUGE: 18GA 14mm 9/16" 100Pcs 5000Pcs
90/15 CROWN: 5.70mm 15mm 9/16" 100Pcs 5000Pcs
90/16 WIDTH: 1.25mm 16mm 5/8" 100Pcs 5000Pcs
90/18 THICKNESS: 1.05mm 18mm 5/7" 100Pcs 5000Pcs
90/19   19mm 3/4" 100Pcs 5000Pcs
90/21   21mm 13/16" 100Pcs 5000Pcs
90/22   22mm 7/8" 100Pcs 5000Pcs
90/25   25mm 1" 100Pcs 5000Pcs
90/28   28mm 1-1/8" 100Pcs 5000Pcs
90/30   30mm 1-3/16" 100Pcs 5000Pcs
90/32   32mm 1-1/4" 100Pcs 5000Pcs
90/35   35mm 1-3/8" 100Pcs 5000Pcs
90/38   38mm 1-1/2" 100Pcs 5000Pcs
90/40   40mm 1-9/16" 100Pcs 5000Pcs

Product Show of Medium Wire 90 Series Staples

U-type staples medium wire staples

Product Video of Medium Wire Galvanized Staples 90


Application of 90 Series Golden Staple

 The 90 Series staples, also known as 90 Series Golden Staples, are commonly used in various types of manual and pneumatic staplers. They are typically used for upholstery work, particularly for attaching fabric to furniture frames, securing carpets, and other similar applications. These staples are designed to be compatible with specific stapler models, so it's important to ensure that they are suitable for the tool you are using. If you have any specific questions about the use and application of 90 Series Golden Staples, feel free to ask for more details.

The 90 Series staples,
galvanized staple use

Packing of 90 Series Medium Wire Staples

Packing way:100pcs/strip,5000pcs/box,10/6/5bxs/ctn.
Package: Neutral packing,White or kraft carton with related descriptions. Or customer required colorful packages.

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