Why is It Difficult to Purchase Small Orders of Screws?

Recently, many customers have reported why it is difficult to purchase screws and nails orders of several hundred kilograms, and there are even questions from old customers who have cooperated for many years:
Is your factory growing bigger and bigger, and orders are getting more and more? Then you Not positive attitude towards small orders.
Why doesn't a large-scale factory like yours make inventory to meet the small orders of customers?
Why can't it be produced together with other customers' orders?
Today we will answer customers’ questions one by one?


1. As we all know, due to the impact of COVID-19 , the factory resumed production very late. In March of this year, a large number of customer orders demanded centralized procurement. The order volume increased by 80% year-on-year, resulting in a lot of production pressure in the factory. Orders are full container or more containers, orders of several hundred kilograms are difficult to produce. At the same time, there is no plan to do inventory.

2. Small orders have high production costs and low profits, and ordinary factories are unwilling to accept them.

3. Due to the Chinese government's policy adjustments to the steel industry, the raw material prices of screws rose sharply in May of this year, and the situation of turning steel into gold appeared. As a result, the profit of the factory was very low, and it was difficult to produce small orders. Factors of price instability have caused the factory to be unable to make inventory, and worry that the inventory will be made at a high price, but the price will fall and the inventory will be unsalable.


4. General inventory products are produced in accordance with domestic standards. Some customers require specific gravity, type heads, or special sizes. These problems are caused by inventory that cannot be met.

5. Our orders are scheduled for each customer’s order separately, and cannot be produced together with other customers, because this will be very messy. For example, other customer orders may only have the two specifications you need, and you will have to wait for others after production. For customers’ orders, the goods that have been produced can’t be saved and are easy to lose, because the screw is too small and the order is easy to mess up.

In summary, these five reasons why it is difficult to purchase orders of less than one ton. In this special period, I hope everyone can understand each other and work together to solve the problem. It is recommended that customers purchase drywall screws, fiberboard screw, hexagonal head selfing drilling screw, truss head screws, as well as various nails, try to meet a specification of one ton, so that the factory is easy to accept, and the delivery time will be fast. It is worth mentioning that there is no such high MOQ requirement for blind rivets. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we will try our best to meet customer needs.


Post time: Sep-14-2022
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