Why Use Coarse-Thread Drywall Screws?

What Exactly Are Drywall Screws?

Drywall screws should be self-explanatory. They are screws that are drilled into drywall to hang or attach items such as pictures, hooks, shelves, decorations, lighting fixtures, and even small appliances such as smoke alarms. Drywall screws differ from other types of screws in that they are specifically designed to hold onto drywall. When they hold weight, they won't fall and damage the wall. The screw's threads are the primary feature that allows it to perform this critical function.


Drywall Screws with a Coarse Thread

As you can imagine, drilling into metal is not always easy, which is why you need the right kind of screw. Screws with coarse threads will chew through the metal and fail to attach properly.

Fine threading, on the other hand, allows the screw to self-thread, which is more appropriate for metal.

In contrast to fine-thread drywall screws, you should use coarse-thread drywall screws to drill into wood studs. The coarseness of the threads grabs onto the wood studs more efficiently and pulls the drywall toward the stud, tightening everything together for a firm hold.

There are a couple of methods for determining the type of studs you have. The first method is to use a magnet. If your studs are made of steel or another metal, the magnet will be drawn to the wall. Remember that screws and nails in wood studs can attract a magnet as well, albeit not as strongly. You can also buy an electric stud finder, which will tell you what's behind your drywall.


Post time: Oct-31-2022
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